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Rumbula’s Echo is the first film and TV program documenting the Rumbula Forest murders of 25,000, more than a third of Latvia’s Jews. It is among the largest mass shootings of its kind of the Holocaust.

Produced in cooperation with PBS and the National Holocaust Museum, this documentary places this genocide within the setting of the Holocaust in Latvia.  Nazis and collaborators murdered an estimated 98% of Latvian Jews trapped in the country. A weave of archival film and photos is narrated by those who were there in Latvia’s Jewish community, almost entirely wiped out in a six month span of 1941.



This and other pivotal Holocaust moments are recreated on film, with the few remaining survivors telling the story behind historic photos and silent film images. Rumbula’s Echo offers the most profuse and detailed eye witness descriptions of a large Holocaust mass shooting ever seen on film or television.


Image: Adam63